Best Picture Pictures

Your complete infographic guide to the Oscars

By The Editors
February 18, 2015 9:00 am

Because we all have a lot of opinions about the Oscars, and none of them have anything to do with sound mixing, we present the third annual Best Picture Pictures: a series of infographics that put the evening’s heavy hitters in respectful context. Down in front, please.

So the Oscars are this Sunday.

Is Birdman the presumptive winner?

Will voters defy the populist pull of American Sniper?

Is Billy Crystal hosting? He’s not, right? Oh, it’s Neil Patrick Harris? Well then. Mildly charming song and dance numbers it is.

Anyway, since nobody asked us to, we thought we’d draw some pretty pictures that convey how we really feel (and maybe you do, too) about this year’s Academy Awards.

Here they are: our third annual Best Picture Pictures, some noggin’-scratching infographics on 2014’s best flicks.

These aren’t some frivolous Excel charts, friend. These address ontological notions of being.

As in:

Where does Birdman’s Michael Keaton rank on the tight-whities scale?

What were the British really afraid of in The Imitation Game?

And why is J.K. Simmons always such a dick?

The answers, within.

Enjoy the infographics, friend.

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