One of Porsche’s Earliest, Exceptionally Rare 908 Chassis Is for Sale

Left for dead after a race, the short-tail coupe rides again

March 1, 2018 9:00 am

The game-changing Porsche 908 was first raced at the Spa 1000 KM race in 1968.

After a few dozen laps, the rig succumbed to a wet track and crashed, damaged beyond racing capacity. All but forgotten, the ‘Short-Tail’ coupe then sat in a Swiss storage facility care of a private party for 20 years, until Porsche expert Dale Miller came upon it in the ‘90s and brought it back stateside to sell.

Now up for sale once more — this time at Monterey — the ride is race-ready once again, having toured a number of vintage car events with its current owner since a groud-up restoration in 2004. The refurb weds the original chassis with a newly serviced 3-liter, 8-cylinder factory 908 engine, and it’s one of only a few of the short-tail 908s still in existence (there were originally 31).

It’s expected to fetch $2.5-2.8 million at auction.

1968 Porsche (6 images)

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