A Very Important Book About Daisy Dukes

Seriously, guys: this merits closer inspection

June 24, 2016 9:00 am

Daisy Dukes (n. pl.): Brief, tight-fitting denim shorts for women, typically made from a pair of cutoff jeans.

So named for Daisy Duke, singular, one of the titular characters from 1980s television program The Dukes of Hazzard. The garment has been a fixture in women’s fashion since — and before, as well; their provenance actually dates back to the 1950s.

Now, a photographer named Kava Gorna has taken it upon herself to document no fewer than 100 pairs of Daisy Dukes (technically, Daisy Dukes and vintage jeans, their natural forebear) in a new book called 100 Cheeks, which we think would make a fine addition to a coffee table near you.

The tome takes readers on a sociohistorical journey from the Daisy Dukes’ humble beginnings as pairs of full-length denim pants …

… to their truncated hey day.

I mean, honestly, guys, look at this artful distressing:

Says Thessaly La Force, who contributed to the book:

“This is a book about [Daisy Dukes]. Beautiful [Daisy Dukes]. [Daisy Dukes] large and small, but all of them are, as Kava and I took to saying with a little giggle as we looked through the proofs, epic [Daisy Dukes].”*

Buy it here.

*Parentheticals our own and potentially a product of creative license

All images courtesy Kava Gorna

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