Door Prize

By The Editors
August 7, 2013 9:00 am

While grocery delivery is nothing new to these parts (pour one out for Webvan, R.I.P. homie), rare is the service that let’s you shop by recipe and delivers the whole kit and caboodle at once.

Hence, Tomato Sherpa: one part recipe book, one part personal shopper, every bit the day-saver of the busy gentlefellow in need of some at-home cooking assistance.

The Sherpa’s like a buddy with nothing but time on hand to suss out the grocery list for a couple home-cooked meals a week — a buddy who knows you well enough to leave out the meat, or make it all about the meat, and just how many plates to dish out (or even whether there’s a persnickety, allergy-prone kid in the mix).

Subscription-based, the service is more about planned nights for cooking than impulse shopping — no same day service here. Pick your days and dietary concerns, and they’ll refresh the menu weekly.

Your go-bag (complete with recipe card and ingredients) will await your arrival at one of the Sherpa’s pick-up locations in the city or the East Bay, or you can arrange for doorstep delivery through Good Eggs.

All the joy of cooking. None of the legwork.


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