None More Black

By The Editors
September 13, 2013 9:00 am

A friend of ours once described a man’s home — his decor, that is — as the bulwark of a man’s confidence.

You may be financially successful. You may be MENSA smart. You may be spiffily apparelled. But when someone walks in your front door, nothing says you have your shit together like good looking design.

This is where you get it.

The NWBLK, showcasing the best in high-end, colorful, can’t-get-this-at-Crate-and-Barrel furniture.

The highlights:

Christopher Roy’s “Here & There”

A witty mix of table and chair with cushions for Japanese-style guest seating, the piece was built by Amish craftsmen, including the fabric. This is Roy’s first collection, and it’s exclusive to NWBLK.

Tom Strala’s Ponte

A glass-topped table that won’t remind you of the ’80s. Grown-up, masculine and easy on the eye from every angle.

Frederick McSwain & Brad Ascalon’s Timber

These aluminum side tables, machined by Santa Barbara’s venerable Neal Feay Company, are big on character for such small pieces. Plus: no drink rings.

Nota bene: NWBLK shows by appointment. Call or email to set something up.

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