Date Hike: La Honda Creek Preserve

Your overnight date will also involve redwoods and beers

November 1, 2018 9:00 am

Everyone’s been everywhere, especially when it comes to hiking.

Tennessee Valley? The Coastal Trail? Cardiac Hill? All extremely spectacular … and popular.

How about somewhere new?

We’ve got a look at La Honda Creek Preserve, one of the Bay Area’s newest open spaces, plus a couple suggestions for how to make it a big day (and night) out with your plus-one.

Want to make it even more exclusive? There’s a permit involved.

Here’s how it works: Make your life only slightly more difficult by planning two days in advance for a first-come, first-served permit to walk through the redwoods at Upper La Honda Creek, one of the newest additions to the South Bay’s preserved wild space.

(Fact: For many of the people you might take on a date, nothing will be sexier than advance planning.)

From there, come down to Lower La Honda — a totally different vibe, with trails crossing pasture, and ranchers doing their thing. No permit required.

Photo via Duarte’s Tavern

The original iteration of Duarte’s Tavern was born in 1894, and about 30 years later survived fires that destroyed much of Pescadero. Toast its long life (alongside a plate of local seafood). The artichoke soup is famous, FTR.

Photo via McCormick House

You’ll definitely want to make a sleepover out of the trip south — and you definitely don’t want to head up to San Jose. Stay, instead, in nearby Pescadero, on the Pacific. If you’re up for a B&B, go for the McCormick House Inn, built in 1868. If you’re looking for more of an experience, and don’t mind people using the word “wellness” in every sentence, now’s the time to book the luxe Skylonda Lodge. While all dates are booked for 2018, since this itinerary is all about the importance of planning, go ahead and get on the list for 2019 dates, and plan your La Honda jaunt accordingly.

Main image: Dipika Bhattacharya/Flickr


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