By The Editors
July 2, 2013 9:00 am

There’s a saying among true audiophiles. Goes like this:

Show me a man with an impressive MP3 collection, and I’ll show you a man who travels with a wildly mediocre speaker.

Don’t be that man. Instead, we suggest REX: the superbly clear speaker built for the shape of your hand by local upstart Boombotix — yeah, the guys with the matte-gray van in the Mission.

REX is a wireless, water-resistant, clip-on wunderkind of a speaker, designed to attach to the outside of your clothing (i.e., away from the safely zippered-up smartphone in your pocket) while cycling, snowboarding, camping or avoiding panhandlers.

You can also manage the Bluetooth controls – from volume to Siri – without ever touching your phone.

So when the call comes from across the park, you can oblige by turning the sound up without reaching for your handset.

What you play – that’s all you.

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