Quarter Master

By The Editors
August 14, 2013 9:00 am

Let’s talk office perks.

From the truly convenient (free electric cars) to the garish and goofy (put down the hall scooter, skippy), Bay Area companies have them in spades.

And so we predict much success for All You Can Arcade, an Antioch concern providing classic stand-up arcades for a break room near you, taking orders now.

You want Street Fighter II? They’ve got Street Fighter II.

The site works like this: a Netflix-style monthly subscription nets you free pickup and delivery, and — most importantly — a queue.

We’re talking real arcade games, the cabinet-dwelling, generation-spanning, button-and-joystick-sporting quarter-munchers of old, with satisfying clicks and dependable play-times of around three minutes for all but the meekest or fiercest among us.

Their stock runs the gamut, from ultra-rare rigs like Tron (pre-Daft Punk, thank you) and 1981’s Tempest (star of Rush videos and Night of the Comet) to once ubiquitous cabinets like sports bar champ-een Golden Tee ‘97 and the original Mario Bros. (all turtle-stomping, pal: no flowers or mushrooms).

So perk up, camper.

Nota bene: If Ms. Pac-Man or Donkey Kong are on your wishlist, the line is long. Consider 1985’s excellent Vs. The Goonies or the evergreen Bad Dudes (if you think you’re a bad enough dude to handle it) in the interim.

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