Like Keeping Your Resolution, But Tastier

Seven SF eateries that'll keep you fit and fighting in 2016

By Kunal
January 6, 2016 9:00 am

Over the last six weeks, we’ve eaten our body weight in cookies.

Well, that and bourbon.

Which means it’s time for a new eating plan.

Luckily, we’re in city where sustained (and sustainable) healthy eating is king, with chefs and entrepreneurs catering to every allergy, sensitivity and ethical preference.

If you need us, we’ll be hip-deep in acai bowls. 

Not only is every Eatsa bowl packed with veggies and quinoa: they’re also under $7. And you can order via kiosk, removing the aggravation of interfacing with an actual human. And they’re guaranteed to arrive in under two minutes. Welcome to lunch in 2016.

Eatsa | 121 Spear Street, SoMA

Now open at the Ferry Building: Sow, with its just-debuted menu of winter juices. Our choice is the health-preserving Steeped, served warm with fresh ginger, Meyer lemon, Bay Area honey and peppermint. Mom would approve. So do we. The latest addition: herb-salted heirloom popcorn. Postmates delivers.

Sow | 1 Ferry Building, Embarcadero

Good Eggs
Farmer’s markets are great — but they require going outside, and isn’t it raining? Get all the organic broccoli — and uncured bacon, and chicken bone broth, and even locally sourced produce boxes  — from Good Eggs. Because no one wants to go stand in line at Whole Foods today. Or any. 

Good Eggs | Online only

This is the sometimes sweet, sometimes savory intersection of cheap, good and raw. We like the Walkers Salad with mango and avocado plus an açai bowl — the best we’ve had north of Rio. 

Judahlicious | 3906 Judah Street, Outer Sunset

Mission: Heirloom
The convenience factor is just as solid as the health-minded bona fides: stop by and pick up a stew in a jar, rigorously designed to be free of gluten, grains, processed sugar, refined oils and many, many other things. The vibe, though, is paleo, not vegan — just check the lamb neck and chicken liver pate salad.

Mission: Heirloom | 2085 Vine Street, Berkeley

Tired of sacrificing healthy food to a busy schedule? Thistle delivers whole-food meals tailored to your choice of food sensitivity. Vegans, veggies, the gluten-free crowd, sustainability-minded meat lovers: everyone’s invited. Sign up for a meal plan for 5 to 15 meals per week; trials range from single-day juice plans to five days of meals.

Thistle | Online only

Happy Moose Juice
In theory, nothing better sums up the frivolity of the S.F. eating scene than a Valencia Street pop-up juice shop offering glass-bottled, cold-pressed juices with punny names for $7 a pop. That said, we’ll take a week’s worth of Moon Milks, made with blue green algae, raw hemp hearts, raw coconut water, chia seeds and more. If you’re down with the concept of a juice cleanse, get your five-day program here for around $300.

Happy Moose Juice | 842 Valencia Street, Mission


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