Wunderful Life

By The Editors
February 21, 2013 9:00 am

A man can begrudge a cabbie many things.

His driving. His reluctance to go to Brooklyn. His occasional lack of underarm hygiene, which – truth be told – can seem outright vindictive.

And then there’s this: no matter how nicely you ask, they won’t give your briefcase — and only your briefcase — a ride home. So you can hasten into the night unencumbered.

And that’s why you should download WunWun right now.

Because WunWun will do that for you.

WunWun is an app. It stands for “What You Need, When You Need.” And it lets you outsource just about any task to an in-person assistant, 24/7, right this instant.

It’s basically TaskRabbit, but on-demand – no posting and waiting for bids, just press a button and make your request.

Need someone to bartend your dinner party? Take your computer to the Genius Bar? Wait in line for you at Momofuku? That’ll cost ya two bucks for every five minutes, or a flat $24/hour.

WunWun will also pick up and deliver anything “that can fit into a Smart car” — i.e., most briefcases! — up to 99th for a flat $15. Adios, courier services.

WunWun’s currently only open via invitation, but go to wunwun.com/insidehook and you’ll get early access plus a $15 credit.

So don’t say we never did anything for ya.

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