It’s Called UberHORSE

Uber brings horses on-demand to NYC

By The Editors
April 1, 2015 9:00 am

Time was, saying you had to see a man about a horse meant you were on your way to the ponies. 

But starting today, it means you’re literally seeing a man about a horse, and that horse is a taxi.

Introducing UberHORSE, a limited-time Uber promotion just in time for the Kentucky Derby.

Available for the next four weeks in lower Manhattan and Williamsburg, UberHORSE promises to provide “a more analog travel experience,” according to a PR rep.

Starting later today, Uber users will be able to request a variety of horse options, ranging from the low-cost ponyX up to luxury “Black Stallions,” complete with shiatsu saddle and custom stirrups by John Lobb.

Each UberHORSE will arrive with its own certified whisperer, who will communicate your destination via strokes of the animal’s mane and soft whispers of “Shh.”

Then you’re on your way, galloping down Sixth Avenue with your suit jacket streaming behind you and rolling calls on the provided Bluetooth-equipped equestrian helmet.

Upon reaching your destination, a sharp pat on your uberHORSE’s rump will send it on to pick up its next fare.

Go ahead. Horse around.

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