Heath Bar

By The Editors
August 27, 2013 9:00 am

Little known secret about dating: women love a venue change.

When you change venues — from restaurant to nearby bar, for example – without checking Yelp, it shows that you’ve put some forethought into the evening. You’ve become a man who doesn’t just make a plan, he makes plans. Plural.

And for said carousing plurality, we suggest The Heath: a sultry cocktail and live music boîte from the enigmatic devils at Chelsea’s McKittrick Hotel, now open.

Here’s what you’re gonna do: Come Thurs/Fri/Sat, book a dinner reservation at the McKittrick’s rooftop trainyard Gallow Green. Killer braised pork shoulder, dangerous house punches.

Have a coffee after dinner. You’re gonna need it.

Then simply stand up, take your date by the arm and head downstairs. Down a dark hallway, you’ll hear sounds of raucous revelry. Follow them.

That’s how you’ll find The Heath, a secretive Modern Age Cotton Club where glowing lamps dangle from the ceiling, couples canoodle in dark wooden booths and a lively dance party (affectionately known as “Hotbox“) should be in full swing.

Onstage: Heathens — a jazzy, funky quintet providing dance-floor tunes.

At the bar: as many cocktails as you please. We recommend the tequila- and grapefruit-tinged “General’s Bullet.”

Cut a rug before adjourning to your reserved seat, easily booked online by those with an advance heads-up for via The Heath’s mailing list.

Et voila: you now have plans.

Nota bene: Signing up for The Heath’s mailer also earns you access to special ticketed events like Lady Antebellum’s recent album release party or Flight of the Conchords’ three-night rehearsal stint ahead of their upcoming tour.


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