Prove Your Palate

By The Editors
April 9, 2012 9:00 am

Entertaining guests can go one of two ways: everyone drinks merrily and enjoys a hearty laugh, or everyone stares blankly at Trivial Pursuit: Has it Really Come to This? Edition.

Keep the party going with Proof: a beautifully-designed “social tasting game” for the iPad in which players compete to see who has the best single malt scotch-tasting palate.

Step one: buy scotch. Step two: input your guests’ names and the brands you’ll be tasting.

Step three: blind tasting. Label your whiskies anonymously (but note the identities for later). As you taste, you’ll use the “tasting wheel” — a slick tap-and-drag widget that describes the drink’s profile, from a stern “smokey” to a gullet-toughening “hair on the chest.”

Players then a) guess which scotch it was, and b) rate it on a scale of “I’m only drinking this from now on” to “I’d only use this to strip furniture.”

When you’re finished, Proof tallies the guesses/ratings to let you know which libation was the favorite, how your tasting notes compared, and of course, who won.

So now you can end the debate over who knows more about scotch. Because now you have Proof.

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