Table It

By The Editors
August 12, 2013 9:00 am

For all the damage she caused, Hurricane Sandy actually gave us a boon or two. The Seaport got a Smorgasburg. Manhattanites can now point to Red Hook on a map. Nirvana got back together.

Then there’s this: Brooklyn woodsmith Palo Samko began using Sandy-felled lumber to create imposing and truly masculine furniture, and he’s now accepting clients for custom work.

Each piece features thick slabs of wood (some culled from uprooted trees, others washed up on wind-lashed beaches), and many have blackened steel bases and legwork.

The highlights:

Lavishly-lacquered dining tables with hand-carved dioramas covered in glass.

Coffee tables carved from single pieces of driftwood, with brass “butterflies” (think the bandage, not the bug) bridging the natural cracks in the grain.

Dalí-inspired domed clocks.

Simply give the man a shout. “Come see the shop – the tools, the wood, everything I do.”

Or if you’d prefer, he can pay you a personal visit to get a feel for your space, needs and aesthetic bent.

“Most of my jobs are custom,” says Samko. “I like to feel what my client needs.”

Pieces take 8-10 weeks to complete, but are more than worth the wait.

Thank ya kindly, Sandy.

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