Sunset Suppers at the Domino Sugar Factory

No one’s dined here since Lincoln was president

By The Editors
July 20, 2015 9:00 am

So you’ve got your farm-to-table dining.

You’re at a table. Somewhere nearby there’s a farm. Food leaves farm, arrives at table.

But this is New York. We’re all about cutting corners.

You know, by putting the table in the farm.

See for yourself at North Brooklyn Farms, the just-opened waterfront pasture in Williamsburg where they’re hosting al fresco dinners with produce so fresh you’ll swear they just pulled it out of the ground … because they did.

Housed on the old footprint of the Domino Sugar Factory, NBF occupies a stretch of Williamsburg waterfront that hasn’t been open to the public in more than 150 years.

Meaning the last time folks had a chance to dine here, those views of the Williamsburg/Brooklyn Bridges and Statue of Liberty weren’t nearly as good. Because they weren’t there yet.

Now NBF is hosting a summer series of repasts, including their weekly three-course Sunday Suppers lit by glowing lanterns and flickering candles and “Food Karma Feasts” with local chef partners. (Pig roast with locally-distilled whiskey? Yes please.)

All enjoyed right on the river at the foot of the Williamsburg Bridge under the glow of a setting sun.

Farm, meet table.

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