We’re Having an Asian Dinner Party and You’re Invited

Ten courses. Tons of drinks. You. Me. Everybody.

September 7, 2016 9:00 am

We were thinking: we don’t get the chance to hang out nearly enough.

So, with summer behind us, we should really catch up. Over dinner. At the second edition of Bites of Knowledge, a 10-course feast co-hosted by the fine folks at FourSquare, General Assembly and Tasting Collective. RSVP here.

This go-round, we’ll be taking over Asian hot spot Win Son, which has drawn praise far and wide for its modern take on Taiwanese fare. You can RSVP here.

The mastermind behind the line is Chef Trigg Brown, previously of Upland, who cooked up the restaurant after a jaunt in Taiwan to visit his business partner Josh Ku’s family. Inspired by the lively night markets they found there, the two resolved to bring the experience to Brooklyn and jazz it up with a little American flair.

In addition to serving up a feast of 10 extraordinary courses, Chef Brown will school attendees on the ins and outs of Taiwanese cuisine. It’s like a journey to the Far East for your tastebuds and brain, minus the $2,000 plane ticket.

The first go-round — an Austrian-themed shindig at Edi & the Wolf — sold out fast. This will too. So claim your ticket.

Remember: You Win Son, you lose some.

Make sure you’re the former.


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