The 10 Best Tailors in NYC

From Midtown to Brooklyn, these are the alteration experts to hire to ensure your garments fit perfectly

May 21, 2024 7:25 am
The studio at Chasing Tailor, one of the best tailors in NYC
Whether you need a wedding suit perfected or a pair of jeans hemmed, we've got the tailor for you.
Chasing Tailor

A great tailor is personal. Finding an individual or shop that excels at their craft, cares about your garments and understands your style marks a special relationship, almost akin to finding a favorite barber. The best tailoring takes more than just skill; it is an art form. Well-fitting garments make you look good and feel your best, and entrusting them to a specialist who has mastered their craft ensures they will return made for you.

The best tailors will listen attentively to your needs, offer professional advice if warranted and take your personal style into account, all while hopefully offering an expedient turnaround time. Ironically, many people don’t even know what alterations are possible with a garment they love that doesn’t fit right until they bring it in to get adjusted. A tailor’s expertise can breathe new life into your wardrobe, making you look forward to rocking your clothing and ensuring your garment is tailor-made for you.

The abundance of options can be overwhelming, so to help, we’ve done the legwork and compiled a list of the 10 best tailors in NYC. Finding the best tailor often relies on someone’s experience; thus, half of these recommendations are from industry insiders, such as stylists, editors and tastemakers, whose opinions we hold in the highest regard. While this list isn’t exhaustive, it is a starting point, and our selections range from unassuming old-school tailors to decorated showrooms and even one that offers house calls. Whether you want to ensure your tux fits impeccably for a wedding, adjust the hem of vintage find jeans, resize a wool coat or reline a jacket, you’ll find the shop to do all that and more.

Stanton Tailor Shop 

Lower East Side

Recommended by Elliot Aronow, founder of minor genius and editor of the minor genius Substack

Pablo Vargas at Stanton Tailor Shop is an LES institution. His loyal clientele comes from all corners of the city for their alteration needs as Pablo approaches his work meticulously, listening attentively to customers’ preferences rather than imposing his own agenda. As Aronow states, “Since 2007, Pablo has always been my go-to guy, regardless of which borough or neighborhood I’ve lived in. I bring him suits, overcoats, jeans, Oxfords, blouses for my wife — you name it. The shop embodies the typical downtown NYC atmosphere — organized chaos with a touch of local flavor, with photos and paintings gifted to Pablo over the years adorning the walls, giving it a post-historic feel, like it’s always been there. Not only is Pablo a technical master of his craft, but his eye is also incredibly sophisticated. He discerns which type of break looks best with a double-pleated high-rise chino versus a pair of vintage 501s, showcasing his immaculate attention to detail and placing him in a class of his own.”

90-96 Stanton St



Having been open for nearly seven years, Shopboy has built a loyal following within Tribeca and throughout NYC with their clients — celebrities, top stylists, influencers and industry leaders among them. Their master tailors do all alterations and repairs on-site in their modern and chic studio. Besides craftsmanship, high-level service is also a top priority, and they take the time to discuss your needs, your personal style and where you plan to wear the garment. Shopboy is unique in that they understand both classic styles and current trends and are experts at envisioning how your lifestyle affects the desired fit of your clothing. The shop has an artisanal upscale feel (just see the quaint sign hanging outside), and the curated gallery and retail space within highlights brands, artists and products that speak to their community ethos, craftsmanship, design and attention to detail.

62 Walker St

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Recommended by Jeremy Kirkland, host of the Blamo! podcast

Based in Midtown since 2011, Sam Wazin is a proper tailor’s tailor. You can trust Sam and his team to take on the most intricate and complicated tasks, and his team of master tailors works on just about everything, from delicate designer pieces to everyday garments. Jeremy Kirkland brings all his garments here: “Sam can do almost everything (though don’t bring him your tape-seam jacket). He can even take apart a shoulder on a garment, something most tailors would politely decline. The showroom is clean and welcoming, but it’s a real tailor’s workshop. Don’t expect a Perrier while you wait — they’re hard at work. I have been a massive fan of Sam Wazin for years. He’s one of the only tailors I trust to alter a shoulder and completely ‘gut’ a suit. Sam is always honest about the wait time, and his prices are fair, considering the meticulous handwork involved in making it right. This isn’t the place to get your pants hemmed — this is where you take your most important pieces to be expertly cared for.”

57 W 57th St, Suite 1212

Alteration Concept

Chelsea and West Village

Recommended by Seth Howard, style expert (Nordstrom, Nautica, Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar)

Alteration Concept in Chelsea and the West Village is trusted by many major companies, stylists and regular clients. They handle all manner of hems, tapers, waist adjustments, shortenings and cuffs. They also work with leather and fur, bridal gowns, tuxedos, and even perform minute details like zipper repair. As Seth Howard says, “When you enter from the street and walk down the stairs to find this ‘cozy’ shop, it feels like stepping into a bygone era. There’s no frill, but always excellent service and, most importantly, expert tailors. I’ve trusted them with many of my own garments as well as those for photoshoots and celebrity clients. The Chelsea shop is adorned with sewing machines and many mirrors, creating a nostalgic atmosphere. The expert tailors here have skillfully tailored everything from vintage dresses to modern suits, ensuring a perfect fit every time.”

267 W 17th S. 2nd Floor

129 Perry St Floor C

Village Tailor and Cleaners


Since 1977, Village Tailor in SoHo has been a tried-and-true neighborhood tailor. While many dry cleaners double as tailors, Village Tailor is primarily a tailor that also offers exceptional dry cleaning. Their reviews speak for themselves, with almost everyone noting how friendly Vince Rao and his staff are and how reliable their alterations are, from simple hems to wedding suits and bridal gowns. Additionally, they offer made-to-order services for suits, slacks, sports jackets, shirts and more. Their tailors will take your measurements and create garments precisely to your size — just bring yourself and your chosen fabrics, and they will craft your clothing to your specifications. Village Tailor’s experienced staff handle all types of alterations, including leather and suede, on men’s and women’s apparel.

125 Sullivan St

The thread wall at Chasing Tailor, one of the best tailors in NYC
Chasing Tailor
Chasing Tailor

Chasing Tailor 


As one of the oldest tailoring shops in Brooklyn, Chasing Tailor is a testament to timeless craftsmanship and bespoke artistry. Though you can get basic work done here, such as suit alterations or jean hemming, the store truly shines when it comes to making your vintage pieces look new again, and with every cool person in Brooklyn obsessed with vintage, this is the place to go if you want it to fit perfectly. The heart and soul of Chasing Tailor is Arthur Arbit, a passionate head tailor with over 30 years of experience collecting and reviving designer vintage clothing. His team of expert tailors boasts over 60 years of hands-on experience and handle it all — from doing an original hem on rare jeans from the early 1900s or recutting a bespoke handed-down Savile Row suit to reimagining the silhouette of a couture gown found at a Paris consignment shop or a funky vintage smoking jacket — and tailor it to your body with a museum-quality finish. Located in a sunny Williamsburg space, Chasing Tailor exudes vintage character and charm, with art adorning every wall and plants wreathing every shelf. 

566 Lorimer St # 2f

Kingbridge Cleaners & Tailors 

Downtown Brooklyn

Recommended by Dan Michel, menswear expert, brand consultant and former Men’s Health fashion editor

Kingbridge’s new-ish Brooklyn location offers the best alterations for downtown Brooklyn residents. As Dan Michel states, “Finally, a centrally located tailor in Brooklyn offering outstanding alterations. They provide pickup and delivery services (free if you’re nearby), email notifications and automatic credit card payments. Plus, they now ship nationwide. Are you in a rush, and your flight leaves tomorrow? Drop it off and have it overnighted before the big day. They easily handle everything from couture gowns to museum-quality garments, so your double-breasted blazer won’t be a challenge. I’ve trusted them with cashmere, silk and other high-end fabrics, and the results were perfect. The shop is bright, clean and spacious, allowing you to sit with your experienced tailor for a relaxed, detailed discussion about each job. Be warned: this level of quality comes at a price. But if you have something you can’t afford to mess up, this is the place you can trust. The tailors offer recommendations if asked. However, easy access, quick turnarounds and personalized service are why I keep going back.”

202 Livingston St


Manhattan and Brooklyn

Since its inception in 2014, Alts (Alteration Specialists) has built quite a buzz within the industry through its chic NYC studios and house calls. They have garnered a client list that includes luxury fashion and bridal houses, retail stores, renowned stylists, and influencers, and have been featured in outlets such as Vogue, Forbes and Brides. While the experience may not be as intimate as having a personal relationship with the tailors on this list, Alts makes up for it in convenience with, for example, services like 48-hour hems. The process is simple and easy, with appointments available on their website. (Yes, they will come to you for an added fee.) Their expert tailors, each with an average of more than 20 years of professional experience, are skilled in working with a wide range of materials, including leather, denim, wool, fur, velvet, lace and bridal gown appliqué. Known for fast turnaround times, excellent work and transparent pricing, Alts brings high-quality alterations to the masses.

Numerous locations and house calls

Allen Tailoring 

Lower East Side

Recommended by Jake Mueser, founder of J. Mueser

Since 2000, Allen Tailoring has been a trusted local downtown alterations specialist. The classic shopfront handles tuxedo and formalwear alterations, jeans resizing and hemming, coat and jacket relining, and functional buttonholes, just to name a few requests. As Jake Mueser states, “My go-to recommendation is always Allen Tailoring. I’ve worked with Eduardo (the owner) for almost 15 years. He has a great team and can do nearly any job. Eduardo’s shop is small and always packed, with alterations coming and going. He can check people out while simultaneously fitting two people — the ultimate multitasker, but with no loss to the incredible precision in his work. I’ve had him tailor dresses for my wife, and he has also done countless suits, from simple hems to hand-sewn buttonholes (a significant rarity these days!). I have my own studio now, but he’s the first person we call when we get overworked. He’s worked with many other shops and every LES character you can imagine, and I always run into people there. One of the best-kept secrets in NYC.”

150 Allen St

Future Classics

Long Island City

Located outside Queens Plaza in Long Island City, Future Classics is a high-end tailor specializing in men’s garments and suits with an artisanal, old-school focus on craft. Available by appointment only, you get their undivided and personalized attention as they walk you through the alterations. The team at Future Classics is obsessed with Italian craftsmanship, as evident in their unique blend of traditional tailoring techniques and modern ethos; you could probably talk at length with them about Neapolitan shoulders and how they fit in today’s style. The studio is quaint, prices are clearly listed online, and while they specialize in tailoring, they can easily handle casual pants, jeans and vest alterations, and provide custom suiting. If you need a suit altered in Queens, this is the place to go.

28-07 Jackson Ave 5th Fl

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