Eastern Promises

By The Editors
December 5, 2012 9:00 am

When East meets West, the results can be memorable.

I.e., the kung-fu hip hop of Wu-Tang Clan. 

Chris Tucker vs. Jackie Chan. 

Gangam Style.

For that fusion in Japanese-Western comfort food, hit up Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto’s just-opened Tribeca Canvas.

This isn’t your average Morimoto joint. No sushi, no sashimi. Instead, he’s dishing out shareable plates with influences from Tokyo to Tijuana. 

Which to order? Take it from Morimoto himself:

  • Vodka-battered cod with house-made coleslaw, because “the whole restaurant concept was based on this dish, fish and chips. Casual comfort food everyone can enjoy. Yet with Morimoto originality – we use sweet potatoes to make the chips.”
  • Tempura shrimp nachos with ranch dressing, guac, and spicy gochujang aioli that came to Morimoto on a jog past a Mexican restaurant — “Whenever I jog, my mind goes into creative mode — ready for inspiration.”
  • Fried rice risotto, because Morimoto can’t leave his roots entirely behind — “I wanted to do something associated with sushi so I cook the rice with wasabi.”

There’s also paté-smeared corndogs, mac and cheese topped with a poached egg, copious desserts, and a just-licensed program of signature cocktails like the shochu, Campari, and a blood orange “Crimson Mimosa.”

West side, meet East.


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