Hare of the Dog

By The Editors
February 11, 2013 9:00 am

Two of the best bartenders in the world, quite literally, have opened a harmonious watering hole in the Financial District.

We encourage you to visit. 

Extend a well-tippled welcome to The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog, a brand-new Irish drinking saloon that pays homage to the hardscrabble days of Boss Tweed.

Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog

Set inside a landmarked row house down on Water St., The Dead Rabbit is the boozy brainchild of Sean Muldoon (of 2010’s “World’s Best Cocktail Bar” the Merchant Hotel) and Jack McGarry of Milk & Honey London.

The bar itself is named for the 1850s street toughs immortalized in Scorcese’s “Gangs of New York.”

It’s the kind of place you’d expect to find Priest Vallon casually twirling a knife.

Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog

The first-floor taproom’s dishing out craft beer and traditional “pop-inns” of lightly-hopped beer spiked with amari or fruit liqueurs.

In back, an old-time grocery peddles sundries from pickled jalapeños to smoked salmon, and the kitchen plates comfort specialties like lollipop lamb chops and bourbon pecan bread pudding.

Also: an upstairs cocktail parlor, where jack-booted barmen will ply tipplers with over 70 sours, fizzes, slings, toddies, juleps, and smashes of the era, along with punches ladled from antique oriental bowls.

In keeping with the bar’s theme, we suggest you bring the whole gang.


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