Running Latte

By The Editors
May 6, 2014 9:00 am

“I wouldn’t go to Starbucks if Starbucks wasn’t so damn convenient.”

That’s what everybody says.

Well, time to put your coffee where your mouth is, man: say hello to CUPS, a brand new NYC coffee subscription app that works like a pre-filled gift card at indie coffeehouses across the city.

Your path to caffeinated bliss:

1. Download the app: $45 a month for unlimited regular drips and brews, while $85 nets you all the lattes, espressos and iced coffees your rapidly beating heart desires.

2. Log in and CUPS geo-targets you to recommend the closest of their 30-and-rising locations citywide, from Gramercy to Williamsburg.

3. Pick your drink on the app and the cashier enters the provided payment code. No fuss.

4. Drink your coffee. Conquer stuff.

CUPS also offers discounted packages if unlimited brew isn’t your thing.

But c’mon, this is New York.

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