Smoke Artist

By The Editors
July 31, 2012 9:00 am

Wise men say “smoke ’em if you got ’em”, unless the ’em you got is smoked brisket, and then wise men apparently say “open a secret pop-up restaurant”.

Following that sage advice: the meat baron behind BrisektLab, who’s opening a members-only pop-up BBQ restaurant called BrisketTown, taking pre-registrants now.

An apparent bid to corner/create the meat speakeasy market, BrisketTown builds on Dan Delaney’s BrisketLab, an “underground smoked meat guild” of secret summer picnics in which he sold 3,200 lbs of meat in 48 hours.

Now he’s opening BrisketTown, a pop-up meat-o-raunt where members can enjoy not only his BBQ-mafia-approved brisket, but also hot links, two types of ribs, and homemade pies, which rotate daily.

To get in on the fatty goodness, simply pre-register on the site – in roughly ten days, you’ll receive an invitation to pre-order your protein at $25 per pound. Come October, Delaney will reveal the location, and you (and any lucky friends you elect to bring) can make reservations to attack a percentage of your meat allotment at your leisure, along with southern sides and (permit permitting) Texan and local beers.

Best to hurry, though – if BrisketLab was any indication, registration will fill up quick.

So go get ‘em.


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