Charger Than Life

By The Editors
July 5, 2013 9:00 am

Four words, portending doom: 

“My phone’s gonna die.”

One word, portending salvation: BrightBox, a just launched app that directs juiceless New Yorkers to nearby charging stations, available now.

It works like this: simply download the free app and flip it on whenever your phone needs some juice. You’ll be directed to the closest of BrightBox’s 65+ charging kiosks, mounted on the walls of bars, restaurants, hotels and gyms around the city.

Then swipe your credit card, and for a couple bucks (varies by location), you’re granted access to one of the glowing, steel-doored lockers. Inside you’ll find charging ports to fit any smartphone.

You’re free to use those chargers for as long as you need. Flat fee.

Then have a drink. Run an errand. Work out. Continue living your life as your phone rises, Lazarus-like, from the grave.

Four words, portending relief: “Phone’s back on, suckas.”

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