Heli Yes

By The Editors
June 5, 2014 9:00 am

They say that anything worth doing is worth doing right.

When said thing is a trip to the Hamptons, “right” means “in a helicopter.”

So kiss LIE gridlock goodbye with Blade, the just-launched app delivering on-demand helicopter rides to the Hamptons, taking reservations now.

Blade’s a-really-rich-monkey-could-do-this simple: fire up the app, pick a flight and number of seats, and head to the E. 34th St. Heliport. Thirty-five minutes later, you’re on the beach. They even give you a glass of rosé. In a sippy cup. No joke.

And because a helicopter flight’s backup option must be equally baller, a Maserati is on standby in case you’re grounded by weather.

For ways to while away your easterly hours, step right this way to check out our rundown of the Hamps’ newest summer shenanigans.

There is lobster delivery. There is stylish menswear. There is a secret private mansion with a hot tub overlooking the water.

In short, it is not going to suck out there.

So hop that whirlybird and make it happen.

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