Best. Garage Sale. Ever.

Rejoice: Best Made Co. is having a warehouse sale

August 4, 2017 9:00 am

New York’s Best Made Co. asks three things of its customers:

Go outside. Work with your hands. And look damn good doing it.

Usually, this is a fairly pricy endeavor. But once a year, they host a heavily discounted warehouse sale.

And for the first time ever, they’re doing it live, at their pop-up “Surplus Depot” right here in NYC.

Located at 262 Mott Street, the Surplus Depot will be open from August 9th to August 13th, with a carefully curated mix of more than 100 surplus items, as well as vintage and salvaged adventure supplies. And they’ve also tapped the Brooklyn-based Wooden Sleepers to offer their vintage combat jackets and utility shirts.

With savings up to 80% off, here’s the gear we’ve got our eyes on.

(clockwise from top left) 

The Panama Cloth Field Jacket — Get there early, because you’re going to have to fight us for this one.

The Short Sleeve Cotton Linen Pullover — You can’t go wrong with a crisp white go-anywhere work shirt.

The Hand-Painted “Ball: Keep ’em Rolling!” Pennant — A good reminder.

The Carinthia G-Loft Sleeping Bag — Tested in alpine conditions by the Austrian Armed Forces and good for keeping cozy down to 40 degrees.

The Ventile Catskill Hat — A hat with a pocket. Genius.

The Front Loading Toolbox — This sharp number will put your current toolbox right to shame.

The Off-Trail Shirt — Engineered in Japan, a shirt that’ll withstand even soaking wet conditions. Quick dry to boot.

The Canvas Camp Stool — Super durable and crazy handy.

The Quilted Indigo Vest — Puffy enough to keep you warm while steering clear of Stay Puft territory.

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