Axe Poetic

By The Editors
May 10, 2013 9:00 am

Even if your exposure to nature is limited to darting across Greenstreets’ median strips, every man should know how to wield an axe.

And for that, there’s Best Made Co.’s first ever brick-and-mortar shop, hawking handsome wood-choppers and taking signups for axe-care seminars right now.

This is an axe boutique, if a so-named thing can be said to exist.

Inside their new TriBeCa digs: enamel steel coffee mugs, colorful field guides, stately rucksacks, blood-red blankets and stacked glass display cases atop butcher-block tables. It’s like the gift shop in a museum of beardy masculinity.

But Best Made’s not content just to peddle their rugged gear: they want to teach you how to use it, too.

On May 18th, Best Made’s resident axe-pert will coach an Axe Restoration Workshop, teaching the fine art of log-splitter repair (“the rustier the better”) over a few glasses of whiskey.

The next day, a certified M.D. will lead a clinic on field medicine and “what to do when bad things happen in the outdoors.” The doc’s lent his skills as far afield as Alaska and Nepal, and he’ll instruct you proper suturing with a pig’s foot.

Because around axes and whiskey, it never hurts to be prepared.

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