The 11 Essential NYC Hideaways … With a Fireplace

Put on your best flannels, gents.

January 17, 2017 9:00 am

The first couple of weeks of the season, it’s okay to hermit yourself a way.

Read a book. Binge a series. Rearrange your furniture.

But eventually, you’re going to have to emerge and acquaint yourself with the living once again.

For motivation, we’ve rounded up 11 watering holes that serve their cocktails with a side of fireplace.

From a full-on urban cabin to a tucked-away library, grab a gal and whisk her to the nearest Cozy Nostra.

The Old Stalwart: The Lambs Club
Geoffrey Zakarian’s famed destination serves up ambience (and a stellar wine list) in troves already. The 18th-century fireplace is just the icing on the comfort.

The Institution: Bar 21
A 21 Manhattan in hand next to the flames is what N.Y. winter dreams are made of.

The Impresario: The Writing Room
Settle into “The Study,” lined with bookshelves, bathed in firelight and begging for a heavy bottle of red.

The Date Night: The Rose Bar
Live jazz twice a week and a roaring fire? Nailed it.

The Special Occasion: The Waverly Inn
Spendy? Yes. Worth it? Yes.

The Wild Card: Bowlmor Lanes
For those too antsy to ham it up over a dram together, Bowlmor offers loads of activities. For instance: bowling.

The Scene: Clover Club
For craft cocktail enthusiasts, a charming Downton Abbey-esque locale. It’s also always filled to the brim. Early birds get the warm.

The Hidden Gem: Black Mountain Wine House
Tucked away in South Brooklyn, it’s intimate and will instantly transport you to the Catskills.

The Rustic: Camp
A log cabin feel complete with canoes, hanging taxidermy and games.

The Sleeper: Tiny’s
The fireplace in the dining room of this bi-level townhouse is oft-forgotten. Until now. Cocktails are strong and the room is cushy.

The Romancer: One if by Land, Two if by Sea
A piano bar with a fireplace: no brainer. Nestled in a hisotric 18th-century carriage house, the resto has been breaking hearts in the best way since 1972.

And if you’re hooked on being fireside, move on to these (very) honorable mentions to get your roast on: The Bowery Hotel, Electric RoomArt BarThe Jane HotelGreenwich HotelThe VineSpritzenhausThe Back Room LESThe Brandy Library and Employees Only.


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