Ping-Pong, the Handsome Way

Table tennis gets a handsome upgrade in SoHo

By The Editors
April 14, 2015 9:00 am

Fun fact: in the early days of InsideHook, our office housed a ping-pong table.

We loved her dearly. Played upon her daily. What she cost us in productivity, she paid back in morale.

And when she had to go to make room for our expanding team, ‘twas a sad day in our history.

Had she been one of the drop-dead cherrywood numbers from SoHo furniture concern BDDW, we might’ve reconsidered some of those hires.

BDDW’s the baby of one Tyler Hays, a sculptor and engineer who builds each piece of his inventory in a studio in Philadelphia. But only at his Crosby St. showroom can they be seen in person/purchased for your living room.

Walnut slab dining tables with raw contoured edges and bases of cast bronze. Stately oak writing desks with a drawer fit for but one pencil. A turntable that looks like it was made for playing records in a grove of ancient redwoods.

And of course, the aforementioned cherrywood table tennis pitch, complete with a net of perforated leather and hand-carved paddles in leather sleeves.

And when aristocratic slams are not being thrown down, it doubles as a dining room table.

So you’ll never have to reconsider the use of space.

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