Japanese Spa Is Very Japanese, Very Awesome

Trust us. You must go here.

By The Editors
December 15, 2014 9:00 am

The holidays are pretty stressful.

Lucky for you Tomoko, a Japanese spa, just opened on Beverly in the heart of 90210.

This is your urban retreat. It’s so quiet inside that you feel compelled to whisper.

Upon entering, the kind ladies who run the joint will bow and ask for your shoes. In return, you get bamboo sandals.

They then escort you into a modish, earthy den with a fireplace on one side, running water on the other. They give you an oshibori (hot towel), green tea and a smooth matcha chocolate.

Then you go to your private chamber, a room with a massage bed on one side and a rain shower on the other. You’ll be asked to don a Japanese robe. It’s Charmin-esque.

A masseuse enters, ferrying more tea, which you drink while sitting on a raised bench, placing your feet in the ashiya — a fragrant bowl of warm water.

Then she gently washes and massages your feet before leading you to a heated massage bed for one of their luxurious treatments (menu here).

There are a few couples rooms. We recommend the hinokis (fragrant bath tubs). Elevate your game in there with their sushi service.

Afterward, you’ll hit the showers and then go back into the den for a mochi, tea and mint water.

It’s heavenly.


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