Walk the Swine

By The Editors
June 18, 2013 9:00 am

Every so often, a pork dish comes along that’s so tasty, it tempts you to throw caution, diet and years of dogmatic devotion to the wind.

We’re talking about the Cook Ranch pork torta slider at Petty Cash. Sons of Abraham, find a loophole. Because this thing is tasty.

You may already know about Petty Cash, the new upscale taco joint from Church and State chef Walter Manzke.

Manzke’s slider is a wonder of piggy profundity — a mix of swine shoulder and foot, coated in breadcrumbs and fried into crispy-shelled, soft-centered goodness.

“I wanted something that fit with the times,” says Manzke, of our high-low era.

Also worth your hungry attention: the top sirloin carne asada tacos. They’re grilled over a wood fire and served on made-to-order maza tortillas (gluten free).

The tortillas are incredibly soft, yet never break. That’s because they’re crafted by two East L.A. ladies whose skills were passed down by their grandmothers.

“They’re the real deal,” he says. “They’re cranking out close to 500 a night.”

This summer, head over and grab a seat near the bar to take advantage of the open window. Then grab a Oaxacan Old Fashioned, kick up your feet and take it in.

Vaya con dios, amigos.


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