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Uber for home cooked meals: thing

By The Editors
July 30, 2015 9:00 am


Chances are you grew up in one.

Potlucks. Touch football. Lemonade stands and lawn-cutting rackets.

That’s the stuff of the halcyon American dream, people.

Bringing it back: My Table, a just-launched app that connects off-duty chefs all over LA with nearby diners seeking a home-cooked meal.

The big difference between My Table and other chef-to-home experiences is that their chefs live down the street from you.

Co-founder James Jerlecki tells us he initially thought the majority of orders would call for delivery. But thus far, more than half the orders have been pick-ups.

“People like knowing where their food is coming from,” says Jerlecki. “It’s the story.”

We witnessed this firsthand when we walked with them to a chef’s house to pick up some dinner (a delicious chicken salad).

No industrial food warmers. No impersonal delivery dudes. Heck, you might even make a new friend.

Just download the app (iOS and Android) to see if they’re delivering in your hood — or apply here if you’re interested in doing the supplying.

The app is user-friendly and comes loaded with ample info and images about each chef and the dishes they’re offering. And they’ve enlisted Postmates to handle deliveries, so expect a speedy drop-off if you go that route.

Consider it your neighborhood spot.

Nota bene: Enjoy your first meal free by using the promo code INSIDEHOOK.

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