This Date Is Terrifying, Awesome

What’s an October group date without some screams?

By The Editors
October 1, 2015 9:00 am

DTLA ain’t hurting for real-life scares that’d give even the most swashbuckling of gents the heebie-jeebies. But this month, the neighborhood’s adding a pair of skin-crawling immersive theater experiences that are equally terrifying. Round up a group, get your thrills in and then hit a great new cafeteria around the corner.

Creep LA

Creep LA is an Arts District Warehouse that was allegedly home to a homicide or two. So, you know, it’s haunted. Audiences enter a maze through different points, increasing the odds that some random bumps in the night will occur. As you pass through scenes from different horror movies, like Friday the 13th, Session 9 and Se7en, you’ll encounter a deranged creep and then, as the saying goes, it’s showtime.

The Theater

The guys behind The Amazing Race and Escape Room have a new immersive game called The Theater. You and your friends work together to free a phantom — made with a hologram — from purgatory. You’ll be working in the dark (only way to see a ghost) with the aid of glow sticks.


There’s little telling when (or if) you’ll leave these experiences alive, but we suggest hitting the no-reservations-required Clifton’s Cafeteria afterward for a meal. The classic cafeteria just reopened after a massive, $10 million renovation that includes a giant redwood tree smack in the middle and multiple bars around the perimeter. But the Jell-o mac-and-cheese is still being served. Grab a tray.

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