This Date Night Includes French Nudes

‘Paris!’ makes for dead, sexy night on the town

October 24, 2016 9:00 am

Gents, serious question:

Have you ever seen a beautiful woman clad in naught but crystals sing an operatic version of Seven Nation Army while pole dancing?

No? Let’s fix that, shall we?

Step right this way for a night that includes a Michelin Star dinner, a bar where you might find Bill Murray behind the pine and a Parisian revue that’ll make you steamy under the collar.

The Prep 
You’re going to a play. More importantly, you’re going on a date. But this is Brooklyn, not Broadway. Look sharp, but look the part. And since you’ll be heading to a French review, you might as well play the part of a Parisien.  
(clockwise from left) C.P. Company Rubber Goggle Jacket, $945;  Maison Kitsuné Sweatshirt, $163;  Belstaff Attwell Short Boots, $650

The Warm-Up
For your pre-show dinner, jet over to WilliB to Italian eatery Gran Sasso from Michelin-star decorated chef Luca Casadio, previously of La Smarrita in Torino, Italy. Together with Italian native and owner Pietro Sasso, the freshly opened trattoria is authentically warm with walls lined in family photos. It’s the kind of place where you could easily order a second bottle of Sangiovese Riserva Predappio after your Linquine Nere and chat endlessly into the night. But not this night. You’ve got places to be.

The Action 
You’ve never seen Greco-Roman mythology like this before. Think of it this way: if you’d been taught Greek mythology with a troupe donning crystal-encrusted thongs, perhaps you would’ve paid more attention. A glamour underworld comes alive in Austin McCormick’s Paris! at the Irondale Theater where, over a bottle of bubbly, you’ll take in a stunning performance laden with adults-only musical numbers rife with mischief. It’s a brilliantly sexed-up classic. So yes, there’s nudity. And yes, they might touch you. And it’s awesome. If you can’t handle a little gender-bending flesh on a Friday night, what in heaven’s holy name are you doing in New York, anyway? (through November 12)

The Cool Down
You might be beside yourself at this point. Best head for a nightcap and relish in the wake of the lubricious experience. Your spot: 21 Greenpoint. After its thunderclap of an opening thanks to Bill Murray playing guest barkeep, the drinkery is the perfect setting to sip on a cocktail and, if you’re playing your cards right, prep for your next lascivious event.


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