Saving CA’s Water Starts Here

Eva: It makes your shower smarter. And saves H2O.

By The Editors
May 1, 2015 9:00 am

A man’s not himself without a good shower. Take it from Cosmo Kramer.

But seeing as the well is literally running dry, it behooves us to conserve — if not for our progeny, then for our wallets.

A wise place to start: Eva Smart Shower, a new device that fits between your favorite showerhead and the wall and cuts your water usage by 50 percent.

It’s available for preorder now and ships in December.

How it works:

First and foremost, Eva remembers your preferred water temp and stores some H2O accordingly, cutting the amount of time it takes the water to warm up when you hop in.

Second, it has motion sensors that detect how far away from the showerhead you are. If you’re shaving or lathering, it reduces the flow, saving water while keeping you steamy.

When you inch closer, the flow increases.

It doesn’t take much to power, and the guys behind it are working on a self-power angle so it’ll work like a dam.

Pretty damn cool.

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