Dinner Plan: Sunset Strip to Hollywood Blvd.

We’re going from Tesse to Madam Siam

July 10, 2018 9:00 am

From the driving, to the parking, to the not knowing where to drive or park, dinner in L.A. is harder than it should be. That’s why we created Dinner Plan — your itinerary to a damn good time. This week, we’re getting after it with a rich dinner in WeHo followed by late-night dancing at Hollywood’s new carnival-themed bar.  

dinner (3 images)

Dinner: Tesse
West Hollywood

Tesse has all of the sceney trappings of a sexy Sunset Strip restaurant: confusing entrance, supermodel hostesses, amuse-bouches. But it does so in the best way possible. On top of that, Chef Raphael Francois’s French-Cali style food is rich and addictive. You’re going to be hitting the town, so err on the side of less is more. That being said, they do a mean meat board, including housemade pate that goes great with their fresh chutneys. The bone marrow bucatini is buttery and a great base layer, too.

8500 Sunset Blvd. (map)
Photo credit: Wonho Lee

Emporium (3 images)

Late-Night Dancing and Games: Madam Siam Sideshow Emporium

The Houston Brothers are back with a new concept, Madame Siam Sideshow Emporium, a carnival-themed club that’s in the basement beneath Black Rabbit Rose (also next to Dirty Laundry). Think bird cages, carousel ponies and big bulbs. But also think games: there’s an alley lined with booths of classic carnie games, like a shooting gallery and bag toss (the latter contemporized with Trump and Kim Jong-un’s angry mugs). Plus: the cocktails are strong and the dancefloor doesn’t quit.

6533 Hollywood Blvd. (map)
Photo credit for Madame Siam: Jakob Layman


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