If You Like Coffee …

Simple brewing, delivered directly to you.

By The Editors
February 19, 2015 9:00 am

It’s currently 11:00 in the AM. You’re either in the midst of a caffeine crash or jittery from your third cup of giddy juice.

That’s not good. May we suggest tea?

This tea: August, a new LA-based tea company that delivers freshly dried leaves directly to you.

Now, let it be known that your correspondent enjoys coffee. But he also knows that coffee has its limits, and that tea is, in the round, healthier.

Plus, this isn’t the pre-packaged baggy of dust you’d find at the market.

No sir. This is bold tea. People will be like, “Are you drinking tea?”

And you’ll be like, “Yeah, I’m drinking August tea. How’s your mother?”

August Tea’s loose leaves come in flavors like Civil Disobedience, which has all the hop-to-it-ness of a cup of joe, but without the edge.

Plus they hawk gear curated by an IDEO guy: a scale, a kettle that’ll let you set the temp (tea burns easily) and a stainless steel infuser that fits into all mugs for single-cup brewing.

After a cup, you’ll feel like Sam Elliott in Justified: cool, calm and collected.


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