So Kanye’s Making Baby Clothes Now …

These diapers are like the Kanye West of diapers

By The Editors
April 1, 2015 9:00 am

Fatherhood is a beautiful thing.

It can give a lost man direction. It can teach a narcissist altruism.

And if you’re Kanye West, it can make you realize the current state of baby fashion is limiting.

And it’s time — as West puts it — to burn it all down.

Providing the spark: Yeezy Baby, the brand new collection of underpants for toddlers designed by none other than Yeezus himself.

Yes, that’s right. Ye’s makin’ baby clothes now.

And yes, it’s just as apocalyptic avant garde as Yeezy Season 1, Kanye’s highly anticipated line with adidas Originals.

Citing the birth of North “Nori” West as inspiration — and channeling Marion Donovan’s groundbreaking work in the world of disposable diapers — Yeezy Baby is all about blurring the lines between self-defecation and self-expression.

On offer: seven diaper styles, ranging from tattered one-wear one-washes to oversized diapers lined with Yeezy Boost technology. All unisex. In “newborn muted” grey, black and nude.

Plus: on-the-go baby essentials, including a tricked-out diaper bag made in collaboration with Louis Vuitton, gold pacifiers and baby blankets cut from Russian sable fur.

No launch date yet, but we have it on good authority from a little stork that Yeezy Baby should drop the same time as Yeezy Season 1.

Fatherhood. A beautiful thing, indeed.

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