Under the Influence: Tim Grindle

The manager of Independence on five brands you should know

By The Editors
March 10, 2016 9:00 am

“What are you wearing?”

Preferred icebreaker of 900-number operators and yours truly — at least when he’s talking to the man who runs Independence, a ruggedly appointed menswear store in the Gold Coast.

His name is Tim Grindle. And the dude knows quality like none other.

You surely know Independence. It’s the home base for Oak Street Bootmakers. Also home to some of the most classic, no-nonsense menswear labels in the game. Think elevated basics. Rebellious outerwear. Fancy-free accoutrements. The rawest of denims.

And with spring around the corner, we thought it a good time to see what’s good.

From the shores of Japan to these here amber waves, here are five under-the-radar brands Grindle loves to help you spruce up for the warmer climes ahead.

Engineered Garments
“A brand from New York I have loved for years. They are able to take these technically advanced patterns and make them so wearable. I wear their staple Bedford Jacket everywhere I go. Perfect jacket dressed up or down.”


Margaret Howell
“One my all time favorite designers. She is very influenced by traditional British workwear cut in a comfortable silhouette. Very minimal essential clothing that all works perfectly together. Her sportswear line and shop tote are my spring everyday wears.”


“An Antwerp knitwear brand. They make their pieces in Scotland using traditional techniques then put a modern twist on the fit, fabrication and colorways. Just as good to wear around the house or to the office, Howlin’ is a brand that should be an essential in any wardrobe.”


Kaptain Sunshine
“A Japanese brand that takes inspiration from 1950s American sportswear and adds a crazy amount of extra detail. The brand is extremely innovative with their garment’s utility, but also doesn’t take itself too seriously. The end result is fun clothes that feel familiar and fresh at the same time.”


“Yaeca is an amazing Japanese brand that makes ‘logically simple’ clothing. Every piece is made for everyday wear and are incredibly considered so as to subtly complement your everyday life.”


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