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You Look Handsome in a Tie

These are the ties you’ll be wanting to pick up.

  • 24 October 2014

People always say “nice tie”.

They can’t help it. Because their eye can’t help but go there.

And that’s because a tie allows you to pull together all the varying parts and patterns of your outfit. It’s a unifier. The think piece of your ensemble.

Thusly equipped with knowledge, get over to Chicago’s Tie Bar, the handsomely appointed pop-up shop in Lincoln Park.

You’ve got till the end of the year to visit. You should go now.

Here’s why: ties.

Plus: a shuffleboard table, a Joe’s pop-up barbershop (you’ll need to call ahead) and, yes, rows and rows of patterned wool, textured silk knits and striped linens laid out for your perusal.

Three styles we recommend:

Plus accessories like belts, socks, wooly scarves and a superb collection of pocket squares.

Oh, and tie bars. Lots of tie bars.

Just remember: the tie is your I-Pass.

Wear one, and you get to where you want to go faster.

Nota bene: The pop-up shop will be hosting a series of events with GQ throughout November and December. Stay updated here.

The Specifics

Tie Bar Pop-Up Shop

918 W. Armitage
b/w Bissell St. & Fremont St.
Open now 'til January 2015

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