The 7 Best Restaurants of 2014

Only the best

By The Editors
December 19, 2014 9:00 am

Because every Chicagoan needs to eat, and occasionally that includes more than just hot dogs, we present Table Stakes: a recurring series that answers a man eternally recurring question (“Uh, what’s new?”) and happens every lunar cycle or so. Do it to it.

Chicago: you’ve gained weight.

Not the bad weight, no. We mean the good weight.  

The kinda’ weight that comes with twelve months of hot-damn-that’s-tasty restaurant openings.

So we’re compiling the biggest of those openings here, in this special Best of the Year edition of Table Stakes.

Inside: the restaurants every man should know from 2014.

The joints you’ll be talking about with your friends over the holidays.

In all, seven newcomers from Uptown to Hyde Park, from comfort Korean to classic steakhouse.

But surprise! — we didn’t include a single Italian restaurant.

Have a look at the guide.

Dine on. Drink well.

P.S. This article was written while sniffling our tears away and reminiscing about iNG, Takashi, Senza, SmallBar, Hot Doug’s and the rest of our fallen soldiers from this year. Morituri te salutant.


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