Found a Hidden Mansion for You. Rent It.

Stone Porch: A new luxury B&B in the North Shore

By The Editors
November 20, 2014 9:00 am

Lot of talk about surviving family this time of year.

In-laws. Screaming toddlers. Jokes from grandpa that are kinda sorta TOTALLY racist.

Should you need to decamp from those climes — or should you need to house your family somewhere besides, you know, your own house — may we direct your attention here:

Stone Porch by the Lake, a beautifully restored Tudor Revival mansion tucked away in lakefront Evanston, just opened and taking reservations now.

Inside: five elegant suites, including a lake-facing King Suite with a cozy wood burning fireplace. Heated marble floors.

A short walk from the wrap-around stone porch turns up some prime food and drink options — including the destination-worthy eats at Boltwood followed by live music at Evanston SPACE.

Plus: Few Spirits, Found and the newly opened Ten Mile House.

It’s quaint up here. Much closer than you think. And there’s more than enough to keep ‘em occupied. And you sane.

Happy holidays, indeed.


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