Schott NYC CXL 113 Motorcycle Jacket
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Great Schott

Horween meets Schott NYC’s iconic moto jacket

  • 15 May 2014

Here’s to the motorcycle jacket. An American icon.

Immortalized by Brando. Worn by McQueen. Rocked by The Ramones. 

It's a timeless style that'll never go away. Could use a fine Horween Leather update, though. 

Hence, the freshly dropped Schott NYC CXL 113 motorcycle jacket, now available exclusively from Wisconsin’s Context Clothing.

A collaboration between Schott NYC, Horween and Context, this handsome devil is basically the same jacket Brando wore in The Wild One, but cut from Horween’s natural Chromexcel horsehide.

Which makes for one seriously sexy jacket. 

Still classic, too, from the fit down to the details — belted front, D-pocket design, zippered everything — all made in the U.S. of A.

And since it’ll only get better with age, it’s the kind of jacket you’ll wanna wear whether you’re riding or not. Or even if you don’t ride at all.

Only 60 of these puppies were made, and they’re available online here.

Better step on it.

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