The Shoe Whisperer Is Coming. You’re Invited.

The world’s best slip-ons, via The Sabah Dealer

By The Editors
September 9, 2015 9:00 am

Confusing sartorial times, these.

One foot in summer, one foot in fall and, as of two days ago, a box of white garb sullenly RIP’d until springtime.

But don’t give up on your lighter, jauntier, more commodious gear just yet.

First, pay a visit to the Sabah Dealer, peddler of handsome Turkish leather slippers that go everywhere (and with everything), stopping through Chicago for the first time next week.

Dude’s a bit of a globetrotting vagabond, spreading the gospel of Sabah without a flashy online store or public brick-and-mortar.

And he’s setting up shop in a penthouse suite at the Freehand for two nights with these small-batch beauts in tow. Be there, or be without one of the most unique shoes in the game.

Ain’t nothing quite like Sabahs out there.

Made-to-order and hand-stitched in Turkey. Replaceable rubber sole. Supple buffalo leather.

They’re simple. Also wildly versatile. And they only get more handsome and comfortable with age. (Editor’s note: you will experience mild discomfort for the first few days of wear; ignore it. By day three they feel like a second skin.)

You’ll wanna hit up next week’s party to peep the full collection, which includes new color and leatherways like burgundy suede and navy nubuck.

You know, fall colors.

Confusing sartorial times, negotiated.

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