These Chicago-Made Washing Products Pass the Sniff Test

Oars + Alps is the best way to stay fresh post-workout

November 9, 2016 9:00 am

Men who go to the gym may look good — but they certainly don’t smell it.

Check the stench, young Hercules.

Here to give you a spot: Oars + Alps, a just-launched line of manly, made-in-Chicago washing products for active dudes with active sweat glands.

Because smelling like a gym bag? That’s no way to live.

Started by two local women in search for a skincare regime worthy of their husbands’ busy, on-the-go lifestyles, Oars + Alps offers more than just a clean smell: they also use no toxins, making for a much more natural clean than any other product offered on the market.

Notice we say “clean” smell. Not “woodsy” or “musky.” Nothing cloyingly “manly.” In other words: just a fresh, clean scent that’ll never turn into a deep funk.

It all starts with Oars + Alp’s solid face wash. Yes, you read that right: solid. That means spill-free. Ingredients include activated charcoal and cooling alpine caribou moss sourced from Northern Finland. Both additives fight aging; both absorb dirt and oil like none other. Finishing off the line are a two-in-one face moisturizer and eye cream and a natural deodorant.

You’ll wanna grab the full kit, throw it in your gym bag and forget about using anything else. Because truth is this is some of the best-smelling, most refreshing stuff we’ve ever used, and Oars + Alps ain’t done yet: keep an eye out for a daily shampoo sometime soon.

Now go forth and work yourself into a sweat.

Nota bene: It’s not only you. It’s your gear, too. Check out our favorite odor-fighting detergents for gym clothes.

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