A Tiny Shop That Carries One Thing: the Finest Shoes In the World

The ultimate gentleman's shoe store arrives in Chicago

November 4, 2016 9:00 am

Among the many pitfalls of searching for love in 2016, we can always count on one thing:

Women still love a man in a nice pair of shoes.

So if you’re the kind of man who likes to give women what they want, you’ll wanna direct your step to a little store called Leffot, and stat.

Established in 2008 in Manhattan’s West Village, Leffot is an influential resource for stylish gents, especially those who prefer a one-stop shop for all their high-end footwear needs. Its success owes in large part to owner Steven Taffel, whose taste in exceptional made-to-order kicks is the reason the multi-brand boutique’s offerings are so tightly curated, and why his label’s exclusives are so highly sought after.

Photo: Alex Maier/Leffot Chicago
So upon entering, do not be mistaken. As small as it may seem — one showcase table runs the length of the store — you are in the presence of one of the finest peddlers of classic men’s pedalers in all the land, and of all places they could’ve chosen for their first brick-and-mortar store outside of New York, they chose the Monadnock Building right here in downtown Chicago.

Photo: Alex Maier/Leffot Chicago
And we are better for it. Never never before has this city seen such a thoughtfully chosen collection of high-quality shoes in one place.

We stopped by to run our hands across the good stuff. Below, three pairs of classic shoes from Leffot we think every man should own. Your lady will thank you, trust.

Edward Green Dover
A brand that’s been synonymous with English luxury since 1980, Edward Green still hand-makes each pair of its shoes in Northampton, England, in a way that’s remained unchanged for more than a century. The Dover is arguably Edward Green’s best shoe, a preeminent split-toe derby that features a toe box design infamously still hand-stitched by boar bristles instead of needles. CHECK IT OUT

Alden Plain Toe Blucher
The revered New England shoe company’s Indy Boot may be its best seller, but that means run in enough fashionable circles, and you’ll find yourself wearing identical boots to everyone else. For a more subdued and refined take, we like Alden’s Plain Toe Blucher. Their simple and extremely well-made. Plus, who doesn’t need an exceptional oxford in their closet? CHECK IT OUT

Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot
An easy favorite here at InsideHook, and Leffot so happens to offer the best selection in the city. Wolverine can call this stomper a one-mile boot and we’d still love it. With its slightly upturned toe and masculine appeal, it’s a silhouette that will never let you down. We’re particularly loving Leffot’s special collaboration number done up in dusty Horween natural chromexcel leather. CHECK IT OUT

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