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Baggage Check

Your new Chicago-made luggage, via Kaehler 1920

  • 26 November 2013

There are rules for traveling.

No sweatpants at the airport. No wearing a backpack with your suit. No socks-only on the airplane.

And wherever you’re going, you should arrive in style.

Like this: reintroducing Kaehler 1920, a fourth generation, family-owned luggage company, now making world-class leather bags and travel goods for your holiday wayfaring and beyond.

The highlights from Kaehler’s Chicago Collection:

Leather Brief in English Tan

A handsome briefcase that can double as your everyday carry and go-to travel brief. Available in brownblack and canvas, but our favorite is the English Tan.

Leather Duffel in Carolina Brown

A duffel that’ll only look better with age, this looker is fully TSA-compliant and comes with an extended zipper, providing a larger opening when packing.

Passport Case in Black

A protector for your most valuable travel document, stitched up in Horween Chromexcel leather.

Kaehler 1920 also offers complimentary monogramming on all of its goods.

Hint: makes a great gift.

Photo Credit: Jesse Lirola

The Specifics

Kaehler 1920

814 W. North Ave.
Corner of North & Clybourn
(312) 265-0698

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