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Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner ...

Intro: A restaurant with a rotating cast of chefs

  • 07 January 2015

Used to be, one restaurant meant one chef.

Not so with Intro, which showcases emerging chefs from around the country for three months at a time, selling tickets now.

That’s right, tickets.

Intro, which is opening in the old L2O space, won’t be taking reservations.

The first chef up to bat: CJ Jacobson, who worked the line at world-class Noma in Copenhagen before ascending to top toque at L.A.’s Girasol.

Jacobson’s a virtuoso who brings hyper-local ingredients to the table.

He, like every chef-in-residence, will have complete reign: all the way down to the music and style of service.

Spots are going quick.

So grab your ticket now.

We’ll see you there.

Photo Credit: Anjali Pinto

The Specifics


2300 N. Lincoln Park West
b/w Belden Ave. & Fullerton Pkwy.
Tickets on sale now

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