Interior Define Now Does Custom Dining Sets. They’re Perfect.

It's the only kitchen table that fits ... anywhere

By The Editors
July 10, 2018 9:00 am

Rule no. 1 of buying furniture: Don’t skimp on the things you use most, starting with your bed and couch.

Look no further than Chicago design startup Interior Define, who sold nothing but those two items until earlier this year.

But now they’re finally moving on to the third most frequented piece of furniture in your house: your dining set. Built from high-quality materials and priced to move, these tables and chairs can be fully customized to fit any space you throw at ‘em.

Started in 2014, Interior Define has been dubbed the “Warby Parker of furniture” for their transparent supply chain and direct-to-consumer sales model. Translation: by cutting out middlemen, they’re able to make Design Within Reach-quality modern wares without the bloated price tags.

Last year, they launched a made-to-order bed-frame collection to supplement their equally modular roster of sofas, loveseats, sectionals and sleepers. And now they’re applying the same principles to your dining room.

Interior Define Hayes Custom Dining Set (4 images)

Their online ordering process is dead simple: for the table, you choose your desired shape (circle, square or rectangle), size and finishes. Then you rinse and repeat the same process for your chairs, which come in three styles and can be upholstered with more than 70 different fabric options, from brown leather to red velvet to a smart grey herringbone.

Et voila: they put it together in 8-12 weeks, deliver and assemble it for free, and even offer a 365-day return policy if you aren’t happy with your wares.

But chances are you’ll walk away satisfied. You did design the thing, after all.

Head to Interior Define to get started on your build. They also have a guideshop in Lincoln Park if you’d like to see the goods up close and personal.

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