A Secret Society for the Curious

Atlas Obscura: Revealing the hidden city

January 29, 2015 9:00 am

Chicago: lots of well-known attractions.

Millennium Park. The Skydeck. Navy Pier.

But those are for tourists. This right here is for locals only, and the curious among them.

Introducing The Obscura Society’s Spirits of the Midway, an evening dedicated to the mysteries of sideshow carnivals, tickets on sale now.

Headlining the event: Thom Britton of Freakshow & Tell, who promises to teach attendees “how to eat fire in three easy steps.”

The Obscura Society is the newest chapter of Atlas Obscura, an alternative travel guide to the world’s weirdest attractions.

Helmed by former Slate Editor David Plotz, Atlas Obscura is what you use when you want to go off the beaten path and find things like Shit Fountain.

Or America’s first suburban mall.

Or a Cold War missile site that’s now a public park.

Stuff like that.

So. Join the Obscura Society and you’ll be invited to local adventures.

We’ve heard word that the first meetup includes access to Fermilab, former site of the world’s largest particle collider.

Happy exploring.

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