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All Maid Up

Handybook: On-demand house cleaning

  • 28 October 2013

Inside of every man, you’ll find bone, sinew and a red-faced little boy who refuses to clean his room.

When it comes to cleaning up after ourselves, we’re an utterly incapable bunch. A man needs a maid.

And you’ll find her on Handybook, an on-demand cleaning service that also offers repair work, now dusting in Chicago.

How it works
: log into Handybook’s app, book a top-quality professional handy person, and they’ll show up whenever you need them – in an instant or a month. 

They bring all the necessaries. Green cleaning stuffs? Check. Supplies for heavy lifting and moving? Done. Special tools for the job? They’ll pick ‘em up, you reimburse. 

No 10-hour waiting windows. No more Yelp searches. No more amateurs of debatable pedigree named Olga.

In terms of quality, Handybook performs rigorous background checks on their staff. To wit: only three percent pass the test.

So you’re left with the pick of the litter, who’ll gladly pick through your litter.

The Specifics


(888) 847-6036

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