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Is Everlane the future of menswear?

June 12, 2015 9:00 am

Chicago: Where work always trumps talk.

But hard work and straight talk? Now we’re listening.

You’ll get both at the Know Your City Tour, a five-day celebration of local culture from the minimalist menswear peddlers at Everlane, kicking off next week.

Here’s the deal: Everlane makes simple, utilitarian staples.

Stuff you’d dig. Stuff every man would dig.

Pocket tees. Linen button-downs. Twill weekenders.

All built on a 100% transparent business model. Hence, affordable prices.

So, too, the model of Know Your City. Come fixin’ to share your favorite Chicago gems, and expect to discover more.

On deck for the week:

  • A Reddit-style AMA at Heritage Bicycles with Everlane CEO Michael Preysman and Chicago whipper-snappers about their respective industries
  • A natty shindig at the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel
  • A tour of Everlane’s newly minted Chicago distribution center

All events come with a special Everlane city guide.

Also available: an homage to Mies Van der Rohe and Michael Jordan. In t-shirt form. They only printed 500 of those.

But you’re gonna have to ask around for it.

Real talk.

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